Thursday, March 20, 2008

Les Fleurs et Pâtisseries à Portland

Bonjour! We celebrate the first day of Spring today. Spring rains cleanse the earth and new growth returns color to our world- a renaissance. In preparation for a Camp Runamuckus ArtFest flower swap, I made les fleurs above with layers of felt, fabric, tulle, hair curlers and copper wire. The whimsical bouquet brightens my studio work table.

Maybe it's because of mon leçons françaises that we're frequenting les pâtisseries à Portland. Le Petite Provence, 4834 SE Division offers comfortable dining and a counter full of elegantly displayed and hard-to-decide-which-to-choose pâtisserie. Très bonne!

Fleur de Lis, 3930 NE Hancock took over the old Hollywood neighborhood library. It's Portland casual with indoor and outdoor seating et plus pâtisserie- une boulangerie excellente. C'est la vie - avec amies, conversation et café au lait.


Judy Wise said...

What a delightful post. I love the flowers; tres whimsical and chic! And your drawings are just wonderful- I can tell life is good with you. See you soon at AF! xox

Dawn said...

Such pretty pages!


Anonymous said...

Chere Paula,
Tant de beaute est representee dans tes creations artistiques! Notre lecon d'aujourd'hui me donne envie de voir Persepolis des que possible. Si tu prends une ou deux lecons avant ton depart en juin, nous pouvons peut-etre prendre un petit cafe et converser.
Je te vois en classe en mai.
Bien cordialement,