Thursday, June 12, 2008

Exquisite Corpse Muse

The Surrealists developed the Exquisite Corpse Game. They divided a piece of paper into thirds or fourths and folded it up. Each person contributed to the drawing or collage. The first person drew a head, the second the torso and the third the lower body. When the page was complete, they unfolded the paper and saw the creature they had created. Google the Exquisite Corpse and go to images to see the variety of corpses- from the 1920's to very modern interpretations. Art is seen as a collaboration and sharing of ideas.

The Portland Art Collective is exchanging Exquisite Corpse Muse book pages for a four-part flip book- head-piece, face, torso, legs. By flipping the pages, the reader changes faces or torsos to create new beings. This idea fascinates me. I chose Frida Kahlo as my muse and exquisite corpse. She's one of my favorite artists. She inspires me to use color, live with passion, keep going, take heart, care for Mexican culture and art- Viva la vida!

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