Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sketch and Artist Dates

We returned to Oscar Albert to sketch this week. Linda Aman shows her paintings and will offer a Pen & Ink Watercolor Workshop there June 17th.

I highly recommend Heather Raffo's play 9 Parts of Desire. She interviewed many Iraqi women to write her play and Luisa Sermol stars in the one-woman show at the CoHo Theater in Portland. We are far removed from the blood, death, devastation anbd violence of war. We can support artists in war torn Iraq.

Fran Forman is showing her photo collages at 23Sandy Gallery. Fran's collages evoke a surreal world with texture and shadow. Shu-Ju Wang is also showing many of her artist books. Her new Gocco prints on fabric really speak to me.

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