Tuesday, September 9, 2008

V-W Book

In France, Dalye Doroshow taught us how to make V-W books. The book covers are made with heavy card stock, covered with paper made with computer-generated layers in Photo Shop.
Each unit is made with a V or valley folded index card and a W with two valley folds and a mountain fold in the middle. I stamped a background on the V page and added one of my soul collage images. Then, I wrote a journal entry about my soul collage image on the W page and cut a diamond shape out for a window. The W page is then glued to the V page and five V-W units are glued together back to back.
Looking from the top, the V-W units show up better- three in front and two in back.
You can also make this little book with postcards. It's a great memento of a recent trip.


Jo said...

Very nice, Paula. I continue to be amazed by the progress you've made since you retired... sort of like the Energizer Bunny you simply never quit coming up with something new!

Gwen said...

This is another beautiful book!! I must try it! Can you just pack a seperate bag for PLAY with all of your books in it?? I love the idea of doing it with postcards...