Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Berry Botanical Garden Discovery

It took a morning of sketching at the Berry Botanical Garden to discover the name of a plant growing in my home garden- Tellima grandifora fringe cap.
Below is a photo of my garden and the fringe cap. This year it reseeded and made a wonderful ground cover.
The wisteria also caught my eye. I experimented with painting the wisteria's hanging flower clusters, then added the branches and leaves to get the feel for the wispy, flower softness.
The columbine wanted my attention, too. I love the woodland, native plants that grow so well in Oregon gardens and forests for all of us gardeners and hikers to admire.
Here's my sketch.


lilylovekin said...

I love columbines and that they grow wild in the woods makes them extra special. Glad you found out the name of your plant.

dollproject said...

Beautiful Paula! Makes me sad that I have never seen your garden. I have only visited your home at night in the winter time. Looks like a lovely place to dream.