Friday, May 29, 2009

Peonies & Roses Bloom

We're having warm weather and the sunshine brought out the peonies and roses this week. The Peony Place is a a farm sitting on a hill over looking Mt St Helens southeast of Portland.
The varieties and colors of these peonies never cease to amaze me.
If it stays hot this weekend, they won't last too many more weeks.
In my garden, I love to grow roses and here are two of the first blossoms. "Double Delight" boasts beautiful variegated colors and a lovely fragrance.
"Dainty Bess" always remains so delicate.
For NW gardeners, the end of May and June is time to reap the bounty and beauty of the earth in these flowers.


Barbara Roth said...

Hi Paula,
I wish I lived closer to you so we could go to places like this beautiful farm and paint peonies together. Your photos are awesome .

Leigh said...

what wonderful roses. thanks for sharing them with your photos.

lilylovekin said...

Your roses are beautiful your yard must be amazing when all 26 plants are blooming.

Paula McNamee said...

Wish I could give you each a bouquet of roses!