Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ArtFiberFest Charms and Paverpol

Here's my work from two other ArtFiberFest workshops. Ty and Marcia Schultz taught us how to use the fabric/textile hardener called Paverpol to make sculpted forms. I used it to transform crocheted dollies into little bowls.

To sculpt figures we made armatures of wire and aluminum foil wrapped in Paverpol-wetted strips of cotton T-shirt material. This product can be used with any natural fibers- even bird's nests.
A paper clay face, gauze hair and paint completed her look. She needed something to add more interest and color.The next day, I attended Mary Stanley's Charm School and made the little bird that sits in her hand.
Here's some of the other fabric charms and beads that I made. Mary inspired me to create fabric jewelry and gave many ideas to use in future projects.


Gwen said...

If this comment had sound, you could hear me going,"eeeeeeeeee!!", in an excited, giddy voice!

I love, love, love all of these things! The fabric jewelry is wonderful, the bird, the doll and the doily bowl!

I am SO going to AFF next year (and you know I love the elephant, too!)

lilylovekin said...

Thank you for showing all your projects you made at Fiberfest. I especially liked the stuffed elephant from the previous post, I hope you show it again when it is finished.

http://www.papermoonies.blogspot.com said...

Wounderful art Paula
so good
gave you a follow sweets