Monday, July 6, 2009

Soft Sculpture Elephant from ArtFiberFest

ArtFiberFest exceeded my expectations this year and I came away from this retreat inspired to create more fiber art. Teesha and Tracy Moore organize this art retreat. You can check out Teesha's AFF photo slide show on her blog here. I enjoyed all of my workshops, especially Jen McGahan's soft sculpture class.
I still need to finish this character- add tusks, feet and his Indian magic carpet.
The drawing below inspired me.
Here he is in fiberfill, wrapped muslin before being transformed with fabric.
I was planning to make soft sculpture animals for our PAC Open Doors Show this December but think they are too time consuming- maybe smaller versions. It's fun to work in 3-D for a change.


Leigh said...

Fabulous...I want to see more of the other workshops you took. glad it was such a good time...can't wait to see more!!

edina said...

I really love your sculpture, Paula! I wish I could have been there to take that class and to see you. Sounds like it was a great time!

Jo Reimer said...

Good job! He's really a cute little guy.

Robin Olsen said...

Paula, he is just adorable! Great fabric choices to give him a very happy Indian look.