Saturday, January 9, 2010

Peel & Stick Wallet-size Pogo Polaroid Prints

Today, I played with something I've wanted for a long time- a Pogo Polaroid printer. It's small, easy for travel. It makes peel & stick wallet-size prints of photos directly from a digital camera. I first saw one used last year at PLAY when Fran Meneley brought hers and showed us how it worked. A friend just bought one online from Costco for $49.99 with nine packets of paper. This no-ink printer uses special Zink photo paper to get the print. Many EBay vendors sell the paper.
I received the printer and camera as wonderful gifts from DH. He knows what I like.
Here's a journal page using a couple of the Pogo prints. Mexico is on my mind for several reasons. I received two Mexican-themed gifts- a Huichol mat from Jean's Puerto Vallarta vacation and a sewn Frida Kahlo wall hanging made by Cynthia.
On my night stand is Barbara Kingsolver's new book The Lacuna. I'm traveling vicariously through history with Harrison Shepherd, the main character, to Mexico in the 1920's and '30s with Frida, Diego & Trotsky, WWII in the US and post war McCarthyism.
The Mexican stories make me want to take another trip South.


Ruth said...

You have a RED Pogo printer! I got mine on sale on Amazon and there was only black. Yes, I'm slightly jealous. But they are a lot of fun. I did lots of family pictures at Christmas. And Barbara's book is on my night stand too. I wasn't able to get away from work to go to her reading in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Great "Pogo" pictures for your journal page, I also have Mexico on my mind daily!!! I called you this morning.

Paula McNamee said...

Thanks Ruth & Hermila for your comments. Some day I hope to see how both of you use your Pogo printers for journaling.

lilylovekin said...

Maybe Mary Ann Moss has you dreaming of Mexico?

Anonymous said...

Very fun I hadn't heard of the pogo! The book and traveling to Mexico sounds Fab!

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Hi, I just found you as a result of your Photo crawl. Great day. I have many pictures of the tulip ladies as well from a vacation there two years ago. So what did you think of The Lacuna?

Lorrie Abdo