Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer Vacation Projects

This summer, I've enjoyed several mini-vacations and art projects with friends. Donya and I created these fun bookmarks one evening. We applied watercolor, acrylic paint with stencils and stamps, napkin tissue paper flowers with added line drawings and punched squares.

I finally discovered an idea for my watercolor exercise book covers. The triad for the front cover is Hansa yellow medium, Quinacridone red and Phthalo blue red shade with some titanium white mixed with them. The back cover triad is Yellow oxide, Burnt sienna and Payne's gray with titanium white. The acyclic colors are dabbed and layered onto the watercolor paper. It's a great way to explore color combinations. You can check out the posts about my watercolor exercise book HERE and HERE.

I got the idea for triad painting from Mary Beth Shaw's new book, Flavor for Mixed Media- a feast of techniques for texture, color and layers. Her book is chocked full of great ideas. I especially like her color section. I'd highly recommend getting her book.
I'll be sharing more summer projects in future posts and plan to get back to posting weekly. The gorgeous summer weather beckons me outside to garden, bike ride and walk. Hope you're enjoying your summer, too.


Ruth said...

How lovely! I'm finally getting back into the studio after the spring plumbing disaster. Are you going to Journalfest?

Paula McNamee said...

Hi Ruth, Thanks for your comment. No, I'm not going to Journalfest. It does sound like lots of fun.

Gwen said...

You already know I love your summer projects, but I enjoy reading what you write about them! The color book is great!