Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Yesterday morning, we awoke to a blanket of snow outside that looked and felt like winter wonderland. It snowed all the time we sketched these yellow tulips. After a couple days in the '60's and spring fever, it's hard for me to adapt to this late winter cold spell. I need to be inspired.

I've been thinking about where I find my inspiration. Check out Alisa Burke's free mini e-course on Finding your Muse. I took one of my photographs from the Berry Botanical Garden to get some ideas to inspire my artwork.

Using Photoshop, I sampled some colors in the photo to come up with an inspired color palette. I made elliptical spheres, took an eye drop color sample and filled the circle with the color.

The color palette-

I drew a sketch of the leaves and flowers-
and made it into a pattern-
Now I can use these ideas in different art projects. I want to find more inspiration in my daily life, as Alisa says, "the ordinary"- by exploring my neighborhood and world close at hand.

On my walk yesterday afternoon, I found these cones, pods and shells. Their shapes, textures, colors will be used in a future project.
To explore one's sense of place intrigues me- the landscape, ecology, history, color, development, human-scape, migration, wildlife and botany. Thank you Flora Bowley, Hannah Hinchman and Alisa Burke for setting me on this journey of exploration and inspiration.

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Dayna Collins said...

Thank you for sharing your color process! I love palettes.