Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring is Here in the Northwest

Signs of early Spring greet me on my daily walks. Heather, snow drops and primroses bloom first. The forsythia, crocuses, daphne, and pussy willows follow. Now, the daffodils, camellias and early rhododendrons show their blossoms.

Flowers are my favorite thing to sketch and watercolor. I love the organic forms, colors, lines and diversity of shapes.

Check out Jane LaFazio's tutorials on how to use flower sketches in your artwork. Her blog is full of inspirational ideas.

Spring Bouquet by Raymond A. Foss

An earthen vase
held a bouquet
simple crocuses
at the street corner
in the downtown
of the city, around
the corner, down the block
on the way to school
a bit of color
shining through
the urban tableau
reminding us of beauty
amidst the clutter
of daily life


Luanne said...

Paula - Your sketches of flora are so inspiring and vibrant. Thank you for the cool link to Jane's tutorials, too. Many there to try. I always enjoy your blog, too.

Paula McNamee said...

Thanks, Luanne. Glad you enjoy my blog.