Friday, July 6, 2012

Spontaneous Mark Making with Pamela Paulsrud

Last week, I attended the NW Calligraphy International Conference here at Reed College.  My head is still spinning with all that I learned.  It was fun to meet scribes from all over the world and to see the breadth and depth of lettering arts today.  Pamela Paulsrud taught my first 2½ day workshop called 'Spontaneous Mark Making'.  We used a variety of tools, items from nature and calligraphy pens to practice mark making with Sumi and walnut inks.
Then, we used a view finder to cutout the marks that we liked the best from our practice sheets.
I like the flow of the spontaneous lines made.  The top left one has a white crayon resist added.  The ones below are all made with Sumi ink.  The wet on wet creates many shades of gray and feathery edges.

We made a card holder out of black cover paper and I added a strip with one of my marks on it.

We completed several exercises with our own handwriting varying it with use of dominant and non-dominant hands, size of letters- a stream of consciousness.  The Sumi ink marks on the black cover show up better than I thought they would.  We used this paper to make covers for our portfolios.

Inside is an accordion folded portfolio with a sink washed Sumi and walnut inks.  I love the contrast in color and shades of gray made by the washes.  The line across the page reminded me of a river.  I happened to have some old maps of the Columbia River and did some toner copy transfers along the bottom .

Pam asked us to include an element of surprise.  Can you see it in the detail below?  Click on the photos to enlarge them.   It's along the river to the left of the map.  The second detail  photo shows the surprise on the right side.

Living in the NW, the Columbia River and its Gorge play an important role in our landscape and lives.  The preservation of salmon is a key river issue.  The fish are the little surprise in my river.

I was very fortunate to sit between two very accomplished artists and calligraphers during this workshop.  Check out their work here-  Yuko Wada  and Yukimi Annand.  You can see the inspiration that I received this week from the lettering arts world at the Guilford Art Center calligraphy exhibit.


Jo Reimer said...

These pieces are absolutely gorgeous, Paula. I think you chose the right workshop and found something that could keep you interested for a long time. I'm particularly taken with the transfered map connected to the line. It's so fitting, like tracing your personal journey through the Columbia region. Good work!

Debi K said...

Hi Paula, I can tell from this wonderful work that you must have loved this workshop! I hope to get the opportunity to see these pieces in person sometime soon. They are just lovely. "Black & White" have been singing to me for some time now, and your work has me humming yet another tune . . . Thanks for the inspiration.