Monday, July 30, 2012

Tutorial on Using Uncial Lettering for Bookmarks

The past few weeks, I've taken an Uncial lettering class at Multnomah Arts Center with Christine Colasurdo.  For our final project we used uncial letter forms to cut stencils.  I made bookmarks.

We used two pencils taped together to get the letter forms.

I made adjustments for cutting a stencil and copied the word into Photo Shop to re-size it to the bookmark size- 1 3/4 x 9 inches.  I used this copy to cut the stencil on cardstock with an xacto blade.

Here's the cut stencil-

Then I spray painted the stencil onto decorative paper.

For the final bookmarks, I trimmed the edges to size, outlined the white letters with a marker, rounded the corners with a punch and and punched a star into the letter "R".  Each classmate will receive one in class today.

The inspiration for this project came from Christopher Calderhead's new book entitled, Calligraphy Studio: the ultimate introduction to the art of hand lettering.


Marilyn said...

Very nice. Why did you tape the pencils together?

Paula McNamee said...

Thanks for your comment, Marilyn. The two pencils make the double line when drawing the curve of the letter and a straight line when parallel to the top or sides of the paper. This gives the 'calligraphic' aspect or moment of the letter. It's fun to practice drawing letters with the double pencil.