Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Creative Muse At Work

My creative muse is back. Yeah!!!! It seems like I always leave the preparations for our Portland Art Collective December Show to the last minute. It's much better to be organized and have a plan. I've taken my sketches over several years and used them to make buttons and magnets.

These little 3x4½ inches notebooks, I covered with copies of my sketches. They fit great in handbags for keeping lists or jotting down information for future reference (something I have to do to remember my thoughts).

It's fun to take what you've already created and mix it up. Let past artwork inspire new work. My art friends inspire me and help my creative muse stir. Jo Reimer uses her photos, handmade papers and other artwork to create her collages. Liesel Lund, takes photographs to inspire her watercolors. Robin Olsen stitches her fabric dots and creates many different things with them. What gets your creative muse working?


Penelope said...

Oooh, lovely buttons ... !

Yep - my artwork always live to fight another day (huh, just realized how violent that statement is). Especially lately - I've been reworking lots of old ideas for swapbot minizines, and this weekend at Word on the Street in Vancouver (BC, not WA) more than a couple of "old" projects will be resurface in new formats. For what my muse has been up to, check out my blog. :)

- Penelope

lilylovekin said...

Spending time with my sister, who is coming to visit me this weekend is always a great boost to my creative energy. I'm glad to see you are creating again.

Robin Olsen said...

Your work is so exuberant and fun! Even though my muse has been working full time lately, I took off today to go browse fiber magazines at OCAC and feel more inspired than ever. Seeing such high quality work in publications makes me want to reach even more.

Suzanne Reynolds said...

Your sketches work perfectly for the buttons and notebook covers. Very all the color!